The Irish Republic blog hopes to facilitate debate and discussion around the 1916 revolution and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and their relevance to contemporary Ireland in the run-up to the centenary in 2016.

It will also publish information on the events leading up to and leading from the revolution, on the leaders and the rank-and-file, and it will help provide the context in which Irish republicanism developed to the point of revolution.

The blog will be used to place the Irish Republic centre-stage as the obvious and proper alternative to the discredited ‘Republic’ of Ireland. It will also promote the establishment by popular acclaim of Republic Day on April 24th, the anniversary of the issuing of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic – the opening act of the Revolution.

Tom Stokes is a writer and journalist, and has taught media and journalism at foundation and under-grad levels. He holds a BA in Communications and Cultural Studies and an MA in Journalism from Dublin City University.

He is a grandson of John Stokes, a striking tram driver in the 1913 Lockout and a Volunteer in Boland’s Mill in the 1916 Revolution.

He is the founder and organiser of the Citizens’ Initiative for Republic Day to establish a new national day in Ireland on April 24th, the anniversary of the 1916 Revolution.


9 responses to “About

  • James

    This is powerful and inspiring stuff. I could not tear myself away from the site. Have read all of the articles for Feb, Mar and April 2011. Will make sure to spread the word to all so that the clear and well reasoned messages will be read and discussed around the world. Regards and good luck.

  • anne

    I just found this site. Have very much enjoyed the couple of essays I have had time to read so far and am looking forward to working my way through all
    This is a wonderful project which deserves every success. Hope it stimulates widespread debate and shifts perceptions

    Best wishes

  • ’1916- A Workingmen’s Revolution?’ (Social Studies, Irish Journal of Sociology 1973) « Come here to me!

    […] link to the scanned article was first posted on The Irish Republic, website of Tom Stokes, himself the grandson of a participant in the insurrection. The site aims to […]

  • Citizen Joe

    Great blog, bookmarked now, and loads of links to other good sites – History Ireland etc.

    Thanks a mill………………. Will be back.

  • kieranmaxwell

    Hi Tom,
    Whereas I agree wholeheartedly that there needs to be a republic day and that we need to look more closely at the sentiments expressed in the 1916 proclamation. I am keen to hear your views on those of us that are Irish and live in the 6 counties. Surely we need to be part of the equation as our wishes were sadly overlooked with the introduction of partition.
    Now that the armed struggle has stopped, surely there is a need for further dialogue and indeed interest generated by persons such as yourself for the reunification of the island. This is how I perceive the vision expressed on the steps of the GPO and this is the cause that I identify with.
    I feel the removal of Paddy’s day as a national holiday is right and it is a step to recognising that there are those of us that do not adhere to a priest run state and that recognise that being Irish is a multi-cultural, multi-racial concept.
    Good luck and best wishes
    Kieran Maxwell

  • de Frémancourt

    Meticulously researched and minute historical detail – this is what struck me reading your blog. Will definitely be following your writing closely.

  • therese osborne

    terrific details give us the needed data to enable re-forming opinions from grandparents into real thinking. hopefully it will help into the future
    so that prejudices and uninformed reactions will be deleted by higher thinking

  • Miriam Kivlehan

    Didn’t want to pick daisies so I followed the white rabbit. Ended up here. Uh-oh! Think I will be stumbling round here for a while ☺

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